As we prepare for the season ahead, we want to outline some of the Trust’s plans going forward.

Our new strategy for the trust will focus on four areas:

  • Guardianship – Ensuring that the football club is run in accordance with its articles involving the Trust & its members and ultimately protecting the football club for future generations.
  • Representation – Representing York City fans on important issues within our city, our football club, and the wider football community.
  • Community – Celebrating, developing, and leading the community that thrives around our football club.
  • Fundraising – Fundraising at the right time to help our football club and improve fan experience.

Our belief is that involving members in the direction and operation of the trust is crucial to our success, the Trust is the fans, and it will take a collective effort to improve. Together we are committed to opening the doors to the Trust, welcoming new ideas, new input, and new people.

We know actions speak louder than words and we’re determined to introduce positive changes as soon as we are able. We’re starting with several simple steps:

  • A monthly social – Held centrally in the city with at least 2 Trust Board members there each month. Community is key to our success and a community thrives when it is together. June will be our first, details will follow.
  • A monthly newsletter – Communication must improve and is key to the delivery of all areas of our new strategy, delivered digitally the newsletter will update members on what is happening, the things we are doing and celebrate the community around us.
  • Governance review – We’ve reached out to the Football Supporters’ Association for their help in reviewing our Trust’s governance and updating it to better serve our goals in the future. One area of particular focus will be how we open our Trust meetings to online participation.

We know fans and members want more information regarding the future of our football club, since the deadline in April Glen Henderson has overseen the process for selling his majority shareholding. Whilst trust representatives have remained informed, the Trust’s involvement is currently limited. Updates from us will only be provided when information is confirmed and we are able to share it publicly without jeopardising any potential takeover. We can confirm we have re-engaged with the scrutiny committee readying them to scrutinise any formal offers; Seth & Jim will continue their active role in this process. Following Mike Brown’s departure from the Trust board Seth will take a central role negotiating on the Trust’s behalf.

Now is the time to work together, as our football club moves forward we must collectively move with it. We as Trust board members are committed to doing our part. We will work hard to engage the wider fanbase; we will include and inform members and fans at every opportunity.

Keep the faith.