York City Supporters’ Trust is happy to welcome a new chapter in the history of York City Football Club with the sale the club’s majority shareholding to 394 Sports Ltd, owned by Julie-Ann Uggla & Matt Uggla.

The Trust board has been speaking with the Uggla’s representatives for a number of months, and have found them to be highly dedicated and professional in their efforts to join the York City family. Special mention should go to Club Board members Alastair Smith and Mike Brown for assisting the Uggla’s and their legal teams in fulfilling their due diligence.

The Uggla’s met with the Scrutiny Committee passing the scrutiny process with their professional manner and desire to work with the city community for a better future. Julie-Ann and Matt impressed with their proven success in business and resources to invest in club operations and the team. They outlined a vision to realise the club’s potential, aligning with supporters, and capitalizing on significant opportunities to grow commercial revenue to benefit the football club.

Since the completion of the scrutiny process, we have been particularly impressed with both Julie-Ann and Matt’s continued desire to seek partnership and collaboration with the Trust and its Members.  Prior to completion of the sale, The Trust and the Uggla’s entered in to a formal partnership agreement, without the obligation to do so the Uggla’s have committed to:

• Working closely with the Trust and its Members.
• Investing in the future of York City Football Club.
• Maintaining the rights of the Trust held in the club’s Articles.

This agreement is something both sides can be incredibly proud of, it puts community at the heart of our football club as it moves forward and shows a commitment to guardianship from both sides.

The Trust look forward to working closely with the Club’s new Co-Chairs Julie-Ann Uggla and Matt Uggla. From what we’ve seen throughout the takeover process the arrival of 394 Sports Ltd brings with it the stability, ambition and professionalism York City Football Club has desired for decades. Today can be a platform to bring our community and club back together, fans and club working towards success and the betterment of York City Football Club.

Keep The Faith.