The York City Supporters’ Trust (YCST) would like to express sincere gratitude to Boreham Wood FC for their recent statement addressing the late fixture change between Boreham Wood and York City. We greatly appreciate the understanding and empathy demonstrated by Boreham Wood in recognising the challenges faced by both York City traveling fans and their own supporters.

Boreham Wood’s commitment to the community and the acknowledgment that attending supporters, not just TV revenue, is the lifeblood of football clubs at our level resonates deeply with us. The decision to reduce match-day entrance costs for all supporters, including a 50% refund for those who have already purchased tickets, is a generous and considerate gesture.

We understand the delicate balance between the necessity of TV coverage for promoting the National League and the impact on the grassroots fans. Boreham Wood’s Chairman, Danny Hunter, aptly emphasises the importance of listening to the fans and encourages both York City and Wood supporters to unite on January 7th at the Mangata Pay UK Stadium Meadow Park.

In addition to expressing our appreciation, we must acknowledge that, unfortunately, no response has been received from either the National League or TNT Sports regarding our open letter. Despite this, the York City Supporters Trust remains committed to addressing the broader issue of notice periods for TV selections.

Inspired by Boreham Wood’s commitment to community and fans, YCST is actively reaching out to supporters’ clubs across the National League to collectively advocate for a reasonable notice period when games are moved for television broadcasts. If your supporters’ club wishes to contribute to this initiative or be part of the ongoing discussion, please email our vice chair Jim Calverley at

Once again, thank you, Boreham Wood FC, for exemplifying the spirit of community and understanding during these challenging times. We encourage all City fans who can take advantage of the hospitality & solidarity shown to us by Boreham Wood FC.

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