Project Overview

In March 2018, the Trust received an appeal via the fan’s Facebook group from the manager of a youth team ‘Planting a Future Minstermen’ in Chinkonono, Zambia who needed new kit for his squad. Four years previously they had received used kit from the club and have held a fondness for York City ever since.

Over the following weeks we learnt more about the team, the village and its amazing people. In keeping with our society objects and considering the strong response from fans, we decided to send a package including kit, footballs, a pump, books about York City merchandise and some other gifts for the village children.

After weeks traversing Europe and Africa, the parcel was opened to the excitement of the villagers and we are delighted to report that the footballs enabled the youth team to participate in their local tournament. The positive response from our own fans was overwhelming with the Facebook posts being our most popular in 2018 and supporters crowd-funding for extra kit for the villagers.

The Supporters’ Trust also provided a certificate which bestowed honorary life membership to all 350 residents of the village.

Click the images on the right to see how one Facebook plea from Zambia turned into a lasting friendship between two very different communities, brought together through the power of football.