The Supporters’ Trust board commends the club board’s announcement that they have granted a benefit year to Dan Parslow.

Although the Trust had announced plans to organise a testimonial match, we always felt that a club-organised event at Bootham Crescent was the most fitting way of honouring Dan’s long service to the club. We’re thrilled that the club board have made this positive decision in recognition of Dan’s contribution to the club and his huge popularity amongst the fan base.

The Trust are continuing to plan various initiatives to show our appreciation of Dan’s time at the club. The first of these is a Q&A night with Dan Parslow and Darren Kelly, which will be hosted by Jon Parkin at the Acomb Conservative Club on Fri 28th June from 7pm. We look forward to welcoming everyone for an evening of football anecdotes and perhaps a few beers. The Trust will also be making a very special announcement.