Over the past 48 hours, the Supporters’ Trust has received a number of emails from Glen Henderson indicating that he has changed his mind on his offer to sell his shares in the football club to the Trust.

Glen offered his shares to the Supporters’ Trust in communications with three Trust directors on five separate occasions, including verbally on 29th November and 2nd December and by email on 10th December and 11th December.

To quote the relevant emails, Glen said: “My offer is on the table. The amount of money I put in is the amount I want out so let the trust know.” and “I feel this would be in the best interest of the club.”

On considering this formal request from Glen, the Trust board voted unanimously that it was in the best interests of the club to part company with Glen and seek fresh investment. This was detailed in our public statement of 13th December 2022. Glen was provided with a copy of this statement in advance of its release and no comment was received from him in relation to it.

Under our legally binding Shareholders’ Agreement, the Trust have a 28-day period in which to consider the offer of the sale of his shares. As the first written notice was received from Glen on 10th December 2022, the deadline for our response is 7th January 2023. The Trust has indicated to Glen that we will reply to his offer in advance of this deadline. Should the Trust board decide to accept the offer, it has a further two calendar months in which to complete the share purchase. There is no provision for Glen to withdraw his offer during the 28-day period.

After careful consideration of his performance and behaviour over recent months, Glen Henderson has lost the confidence of the Trust board and we believe that his latest u-turn only goes to undermine his position even further. The Trust will vigorously defend our legal rights and uphold our constitutional and moral obligations on behalf of our members and all York City fans.

We are pleased to report that the Trust has already received a number of credible expressions of interests from prospective investors. We are now in the initial stages of a 7-stage scrutiny and due diligence process that will ultimately lead to a vote of our members at a Special General Meeting. We are due to issue further details of the process shortly after Christmas. We thank all prospective investors who have been in touch and can reassure them that the process will continue unabated.