In light of the events surrounding the Hartlepool vs. York match on Saturday, the York City Supporters Trust (YCST) is fully aware of the issues raised by fans and is actively supporting York City Football Club in their investigation into the matter.

It is essential to acknowledge that reported incidents outlined this evening by The Cleveland Police do not entirely align with the experiences of many fans and our members. While we respect the efforts of the police, we urge a comprehensive and fair examination of all sides of the events to ensure an accurate representation of the situation and resulting actions for all parties to prevent a repeat of similar events in the future.

YCST would like to see a broad review of all plans and subsequent events that engages both football clubs and supporter organisations (YCST & Hartlepool Supporters Trust) alongside the police and stewarding companies. This review should include evidence collected from a range of sources including personal statements and social media. York City Supporters who wish to share their experiences can contact the Club and Trust via and

For those fans who have encountered issues during the recent events, the Football Supporters Association (FSA) offers valuable advice and support. The FSA collaborates with experienced solicitors specialising in fans, football, and the law. For those who require assistance, YCST encourage them to utilise the resources outlined on the FSA’s website here YCST has engaged with the FSA regarding the weekend.

The York City Supporters Trust remains committed to fostering a positive and safe environment for football fans. We look forward to the outcome of the investigations and trust that the process will bring clarity to the events that transpired.

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