York City Supporters Trust and York City Football Club continue to investigate the incidents surrounding Hartlepool vs York on 27th January. Trust Chair Seth Sowerby and Vice Chair Jim Calverley have led the investigation from the Trust side, they continue to work with key stakeholders that represent us as fans and those involved in the running of the day.

YCST’s focus remains on understanding the events thoroughly and identifying actionable recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future. As investigations are ongoing this update does not contain any final conclusions, the Trust & Club have committed to producing a formal report with clear recommendations in due course once investigations are complete.

Actions so far:

  • The Supporters Trust have met and spoken with local members of Parliament Rachael Maskell and Julian Sturdy. Both have been extremely helpful in arranging meetings with key stakeholders and have requested the report of our findings. The Trust will continue to engage with both MPs on this and other subjects surrounding our work.
  • The Trust and Football club have received a lot of evidence from fans. These statements, videos and photos are being collated and organised to form a vital part of our final report. If you have not already, please submit your experiences to info@ycst.org.uk
  • The FSA have provided a constant source of expertise and guidance, the Trust have remained in contact with them throughout.
  • Jim and Seth met with the North Yorkshire Police Football Policing Unit, some of whom were in attendance at Hartlepool. This meeting was incredibly useful to understand the processes behind policing of away games. Both organisations committed to more regular discussions and interactions with a joint aim to improve fan experience at York City matches.
  • Trust representatives and Darren Kelly, YCFC General Manager, met with the Stockton District Commander from Cleveland Police Force to review the day. The meeting was constructive, and the police were transparent with the events of the day. Both organisations have agreed to share actions and learnings.

Future actions:

  • The Trust and Football Club plan to meet with Hartlepool United to discuss the day from their side.
  • The investigations will result in a formal report issued outlining feedback and actions for all involved in Hartlepool away.
  • Once conclusions have been made the Trust will hold those organisations involved accountable for an improved supporter experience.

We are unable to assist in individual cases where action has been taken by the police, neither organisation has the experience or qualifications available to provide the support required.  The FSA work closely with experienced solicitors specialising in fans, football and the law. YCST encourage any fans experiencing issues to utilise the resources outlined on the FSA’s website here https://thefsa.org.uk/our-work/casework/. All fans should make themselves aware of the resources available from the FSA.

York City Supporters Trust and York City Football Club are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all fans, thank you for your continued support and trust as we work through this process together.

Keep the Faith.

About York City Supporters’ Trust

Established in 2002, York City Supporters Trust is a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We were formed to protect the long-term future of the football club and represent the interests of the fans. We are also 49% shareholders in York City Football Club Ltd.