The Supporters’ Trust would like to echo today’s statement by the football club regarding the sale of our beloved Bootham Crescent. During the past six weeks, the Supporters’ Trust have been working closely with the club and our legal teams to complete the historic sale of the ground and various other matters.

This often complex work has included scrutiny of the distribution of the proceeds of the sale, the working relationship between the Trust and club, funding for the remainder of this season and establishing a process for the smooth transition to new ownership. We have also commenced exciting discussions with the football club regarding the future ownership and management of the Bootham Crescent Memorial Garden.

The transparency, positivity and respect shown by the football club board, JMP, Jason McGill and their advisors throughout this process has been refreshing. Whilst we haven’t always agreed on every point, through genuine partnership working and compromise, we have reached a mutually agreeable conclusion to many historic issues and paved the way for a brighter future for the club.

The Trust is confident that the football club has all the necessary ingredients to flourish both on and off the pitch, but ultimately this is dependent on the fans coming together and putting our historic differences behind us.  We call on every York City fan to encourage friends and family to come to games and for local businesses to support the club through sponsorship and hospitality packages. Your club needs you now more than ever.

There is now a huge opportunity for a fresh start with the fans placed at the heart of a vibrant, sustainable, and successful community football club. It is the job of every single fan to help turn that potential into reality. Let’s all work together to make City more and more massive.

Finally, in the spirit of this new dawn, the Trust would like to thank Jason McGill for his enduring commitment to the football club. We feel that discussions over recent weeks have gone a long way to resolve misunderstandings on both sides and we look forward to working with Jason to create a lasting legacy and positive future for the club.