New Stadium – The Building has Begun

The waiting (and doubting) is over! The earth movers and hard-hats have appeared on site and have been officially photographed! The new stadium build has begun!

The relief and delight on the face of Ian McAndrew, the York City Stadium Development Director, was plain to see in his video interview at an on-site launch yesterday, December 6th. After all these years of setbacks and disappointments, ‘it is happening’, he said with obvious conviction and emotion.

I believe everyone at York City, from the Chairman down to the youngest fan, will share feelings of excitement and renewed hope for the future as we watch the new stadium complex taking shape over the next few months.

This good news is the perfect antidote to the growing anxiety and depression around our football club at the moment. We all need something to cheer us up following several seasons of doom and gloom. Right now, short of sitting pretty at the top of the league, this is the best possible Christmas present.

So congratulations to all who have worked so hard to finally get this show on the road. We have a brighter future to work for together – starting now.

Leaving Bootham Crescent with all its memories which, for me, go back nearly 70 years, will be sad. But actually being able to believe in the reality of a new stadium and a new era brings greater happiness.

John Lacy: Chairman – York City Supporters Trust