On Monday, January 9th 2017, long serving Chairman, Ian Hey, who has been a leading figure ever since the foundation of the Trust, announced that he would be stepping down. He outlined personal reasons for not feeling able to continue, and the Board agreed that Ian’s resignation should be accepted.

John Lacy is to take over and will act as Chairman at least until an AGM is called and a formal election of officers is conducted.

The Trust and all York City fans wish to thank Ian enthusiastically and generously for his huge service and complete dedication to York City both through the Trust and on the terraces of the Longhurst – not to mention at just about every away ground that City have played on for the last 20 years! He is the model of a loyal York City fan and a dedicated life member of the Trust.

Ian will, however, continue to help the Trust Board through his financial and banking expertise as the Trust continues its work of rebuilding and revitalising our support of York City FC, its staff and all our fans.