This evening the Trust are pleased to call members to an SGM to vote on the following motion:

“For the Trust to sell 132,000 ‘B’ shares in York City Football Club Limited (24% of the total shares) to Julie-Anne Uggla and to make the accompanying changes to the Club’s Articles of Association and to the Partnership Agreement with the majority owners.”

To assist with the decision-making process, we have uploaded an SGM Pack to our website here. This pack is a roadmap for a pivotal motion that will define the future of York City Football Club.

The SGM Pack provides summaries of each of the three key documents, as well as full copies in the appendices. The three documents are:

  • The Share Purchase Agreement – the contract selling an additional 24% of B Shares in York City Football Club to majority shareholder Julie-Anne.
  • The Partnership Agreement – a formal agreement clearly defining the roles and responsibilities in the partnership between York City Supporters’ Trust and Julie-Anne & Matt Uggla as well as defining operating principles and procedures for the Football Club.
  • York City Football Club Articles of Association – A refreshed version of the football club’s articles that allow for investment and future growth whilst cementing and enhancing the Supporters’ Trust rights.

The SGM will be held on 30th November 2023 at the LNER Community Stadium and Online and will be strictly for members only. Further details can be found in the SGM Pack on how to attend.


The Supporters’ Trust Board

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The York City Supporters Trust is a community-owned organisation dedicated to supporting York City Football Club. We are committed to promoting the best interests of the club and its supporters, and we continually strive to enhance transparency, inclusivity, and member engagement.