In the report I presented at the recent Trust SGM I said the following: ” It remains profoundly true that York City Supporters Trust is only as strong, or as weak, as its membership”. I was referring, not only to numbers on a list, but also to what members do or don’t do by way of practical involvement.

In the past we have had many York City fans who have stood on the touchlines and roundly ‘booed’ the Trust for lack of effort! Well, our membership has increased lately and we have upped our game. But we still need a bit more active help from our members out there on the terraces and in the stands.
We have one or two new members on the Board and others helping behind the scenes, but we still need more volunteers to help take forward the plans we are making. For instance we still do not have a Secretary to the Board (an important post), nor do we have a Communications Officer (responsible for our website & Social Media).

If you can help fill these posts, please take a step forward.
Contact me, John Lacy at or