Last week, two very recently appointed members of The Supporters Trust Board resigned with considerable publicity on social media and in the York Press.

I would like to thank Roy Clarkson and Simon Pickering for their ‘comprehensive forward strategy’ for YCST, which they drafted only as recently as July 7th 2017. This plan was welcomed and supported by the entire Trust Board and immediately presented at a meeting with the club chairman as a blueprint for supporting and working together with Jason McGill and the football club. We have barely begun the work involved.

Roy and Simon’s ideas are inspiring, challenging and ambitious, and I believed these two colleagues had the ability, experience and commitment to take a lead in moving the Trust forward. We have already made a start with Roy’s recommended “Re-Launch”, and we shall continue as best we can to put their proposals into action. I therefore deeply regret that Roy and Simon have quit so very near the beginning of this excellent, but long term, piece of work when they had full backing from all of us.

I know that my colleagues on the Board are disappointed and discouraged by Simon and Roy’s assertion that their efforts have been “wasted energy” and that they have “no confidence” in the Board’s  resources and expertise.

I have spoken very many times since I took over as Chairman of the Supporters Trust about our need for expertise, experience and commitment on the Board. We must have this new blood to help us become the “active force driving for the success of the football club’s future” which Roy and Simon call for. I think we are beginning to find such commitment and ability on our newly elected Board – but we still need more!

I don’t see how Roy Clarkson’s and Simon Pickering’s early exit from the struggle helps us achieve anything other than a weakening of the voice and influence of York City fans in the life of our football club. And, as Roy and Simon also make clear, this is a “testing time for the club” and its supporters.

John Lacy – Chairman
York City Supporters Trust