Since circulating a notice of the Trust’s SGM to be held on 22nd March there has been widespread debate on social media and in the local media regarding JM Packaging’s acquisition of the Trust’s shares in the football club. In order to help members to make an informed decision in the forthcoming vote, the Trust are inviting all fans to submit any questions they may have via the form below.

Please submit your question by 4pm Sunday 11th March. The Trust board will collate all questions and publish the answers on our website by Wednesday 14th March. If two or more members ask a similar question, we will select one to cover that topic.

In order that questions can be asked frankly, we will not publish any members names in the public domain. We will email all contributors when the answers are published online.

Sorry, but the deadline to post questions online has now passed. We will be publishing the answers to the questions we have received on this website on Wed 14th March 2018. Many thanks to all that submitted questions. We will email you when the answers are published.